Pro-Race nichrom "Dark" silencers kit
  • Pro-Race nichrom "Dark" silencers kit
  • Pro-Race nichrom "Dark" silencers kit

Pro-Race nichrom "Dark" silencers kit

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Pro-Race silencers design comes from the first prototypes made for MotoGP. Pro-Race silencers are built putting together a conical-shaped part (the main body of the silencer) with a cylindrical ending section (ø98mm) and these are available in titanium or nichrom (a stainless steel alloy). 
The silencers are secured to the bike by means of mounts welded to the main body, their cone-shaped design provides a reduction of dimensions and weight, but it also reduces the overall volume of the exhaust, thus limitating noise damping capabilities and the application on bigger or demanding engines. 
Pro-Race silencers are available both in a street legal and racing version, with removable baffle. Detta avgassystem har urtagbar dB-killer

Features Values
Silencer material stainless steel Dark
Rear endcap material stainless steel
Silencer inner parts material stainless steel
Mid-pipe material stainless steel
Silencer mounting welded mount
Silencer body lenght (mm) 250,00
Junction (inlet) diameter (mm) 60,00
Junction (outlet) diameter (mm) 68,00
Oxygen sensor plug NO
CO sensor plug NO
Db Killer SI
Weight (Kg) 1,87


Tuono V4 1100 Factory
Tuono V4 1100 RR
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