Tirewarmers Capit Suprema Spina BLACK M/XL
  • Tirewarmers Capit Suprema Spina BLACK M/XL
  • Tirewarmers Capit Suprema Spina BLACK M/XL
  • Tirewarmers Capit Suprema Spina BLACK M/XL
  • Tirewarmers Capit Suprema Spina BLACK M/XL

Tirewarmers Capit Suprema Spina BLACK M/XL

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• First self-adjusting tire warmers in the world without thermostat
• Special PTFE-treated external material
• Nomex internal material is fireproof and waterproof
• Hook-and-loop closures
• Mechanical shock resistance
• PTFE heating cable is more durable than silicone
• Contain 40 m of heating cable with radial arrangement for quicker heating and more uniform temperature
• Silicone power cable (not PVC) can resist temperatures up to 200 °C (392 °F)

Tyre warmers Capit Suprema Spina for motorcycle has simple shape but great contents. This model has been designed to offer one practical product that still maintains the efficiency required to use both amateur as well as professional. The quality-price balance is one of the best in the world because in addition to having professional performance for a standard price, reliability and durability over the years are close to the top.

- radial heating cable in Teflon for reduced heating time and uniform heat distribution

- TNT heating system self-regulating at 85°C without thermostat (in just 30 minutes a constant and homogeneous temperature is obtained on the tire that a normal thermostat is not able to supply. The innovative and patented method consists in weaving every few millimetres a special heating cable on a fabric with a high thermal conducting power, eliminating the thermostat and related problems of inconstant temperature and low durability

- special external coating impermeable to any liquid

- anti-wear and fireproof inner lining

- silicone power cable resistant up to 200°C

- velcro closure

- operation check lamp

- its interior is in heat spreader fabric (internal fabric, highly conductive, made with specific noble alloys) capable of spreading the heat perfectly

- electrical absorption for single tyrewarmer: size S 200 watt - size M 300 watt - size L 400 watt - size XL 500 watt - size XXL 550 watt - size 18'' 300 watt - size "300" 400 watt

The difference from the competitors is the quality of product and service Capit, 100% made in Italy used by all the top teams MotoGP, Superbike and F1, warranty of three years and guaranteed repair service even out of warranty. Ability to customize the product logo, purchase of spare parts or even a single tyrewarmer.

The pair of tyrewarmers can be ordered in the following sizes:

  • S/M (tyres until 90/17'' front and until 120/16-17'' rear)
  • M/L (tyres until 120/17'' front and until 180/55-17'' rear)
  • M/XL (tyres until 120/17'' front and from 180/60-17'' to 200/17'' rear)
  • M/XXL (tyres until 120/17'' front and over 200/17'' rear)
  • 18'' (tyre until 110/18'' front and 130/18'' rear)
  • 300 (tyre 110/70-17'' front and 140/70-17'' rear)
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