UPMAP T800+ EURO 5 TUONO V4 , RSV4, RS660 2021+

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UpMap is a well known phone-app based ECU flashing system. It's a very practical, safe and easy tool for flash and diag your bike, always in your pocket.

Using this tool you'll be able to flash Gabro's maps in minutes, and restore your bike stock map anytime if needed. You can buy in App and store in your phone all the tuned maps you want and flash any particular one in your bike ECU even during a ride stop. After each flash the tool automatically perform throttle and handle learnings: the use of any additional diag tool is not needed.

UpMap for RS660 is now ready, and it comes with the renewed T800+ hardware.

Presently is supplied with 2 maps: one is a base race tune fuelled to be safe running a race exhaust. Second is a stock map for ECU restore, if needed.
Race map disables and allows complete removal of lambda probes, pair/sas system, fuel vapour system.

Customized maps based on exhaust brand, airbox/intake mods will come shortly.
Once available, maps will be placed in the UpMap map store, and you'll be able to download one, matching your bike setup, for free.

We decided to supply those early units just to help you guys in racing your bikes as early as possible.... see it as a preliminary release. App and T800+ firmware will be automatically updated as soon as a new release comes. 

The whole flashing process lasts about 30min. Use battery tenders on both bike and phone.
We tested it OK only in Android; IOS bluetooth drivers are less stable and that big file transfer could be problematic. If you can only use an IOS phone, know that file transfer may crash. Restart the app if it happens.
Those BT transfer problems will be solved soon but they are not affecting the actual ECU flash.
Battery charger/tender, good for lithium battery too, available here:

By the end of the flash it automatically performs throttle learning and errors reset. No other actions are needed.
OBD errors log/erase and some more diag functions will be added soon.

present supplied race map is for standard shift. It's more stable than the reverse shift map, and it's 100% working. Is the base map I’m racing on my bike.
So if you want to use the GP shift with both up and down quick shift, you should buy the IRC QS reversible sensor available here:

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